Past Thoughts that Apply Today

In general, learning is an ongoing process for children and adults alike.  Obtaining specialized, individual services provided in the least restrictive environment (LRE) is ideal.  When individuals are reinforced, supported and/or praised for appropriate behavior, the negative or unwanted behavior decreases, and is replaced / extinguished.  Therefore, increasing the likelihood a more desirable behavior or skill will emerge.

 Education-Relief, Inc. Original PHILOSOPHY and MISSION for the education of all children:

We as educators need to formulate a secure atmosphere and academic setting where all youngsters have an opportunity to learn, and ultimately achieve their highest potential.  For this to emerge, educators with the help from parents need to ensure harmony within, as  well as outside of school.  Acceptance, respect and consistency among parents, students, peers and educators is/are necessary. 

Children need knowledgeable, supportive role models that will positively influence their experiences.  Increasing a child’s self-esteem and tolerance of the “learning process” will improve their ability to attend, concentrate and focus on diverse tasks.  Providing children with continuous opportunities to observe, learn and practice appropriate coping strategies in social situations will allow them to become more patient, appreciate, respect, and accept any intervention and/or redirection including NO. Thus, resulting in more positive outcomes.

In our ever-changing multi-cultural society, we need consistent support, encouragement and praise to become productive, constructive and resourceful.  A primary focus should be on teaching and modeling appropriate behavior(s) and communication.  We need to regenerate and enhance the social/emotional and academic skills alongside our children.  These practices, constantly, need to be revisited and/or modified.  Ultimately, we should provide all our children with every opportunity to become happy, healthy, respectful, and well-adjusted individuals.

Universally, we need to promote higher achievement and success in our children.  We need to commit to obtaining and using all available tools and resources, to increase their self-esteem, confidence and improve their cognitive and social / emotional / behavioral performance(s). 

Our message BLOG will allow sharing among educators, parents and their child, providing an honest team effort in accomplishing our goals and objectives.  

Creativity, easy access to a wealth of resources, for your individual child, and the awareness of what you are entitled to receive …including where and who to contact for are the cornerstone of our educational site.

Word of mouth is also KEY to our success… so inform all your friends and family.

We need your help to create and build a community that promotes tolerance and acceptance for diversity.  “Inclusion” for all, will demonstrate a true understanding that we are all special.   Together we can eliminate labels and stereotyping that contribute to bullying and needless physical and mental pain and suffering.  PLEASE HELP as ER cannot make a difference alone.

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