Member Benefits

Special needs business networking in Nassau / Suffolk Counties areas.
Promote yourself to our members weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
Gain inside and outside referrals, leads and contacts.
Be the exclusive member in your category.
Receive support from a team of like-minded, dedicated peers.
Have your business listed on our website.
Collaborate in Special Education Sessions.
Participate in local community events, and tradeshows/expos.


E-R Network Meetings will always:

1. Clarify purpose and aims of OUR MISSION
2. Create a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly agenda
3. Schedule network meetings: weekly, bi-monthly or monthly
4. Post and send out agenda/newsletters
5. Circulate supporting information in advance
6. Make arrangements for meetings, events and expos, etc.
7. Arrange for an audio/visual recorder when/if necessary


Complete Cooperative Network Referral System = CCNRS

A. Target:
Child Care/ Day Care Center-Based Programs, Nursery schools, Preschools = CBP

B. Client:
Child – birth to five years old, with an undiagnosed condition, which may put him/her at risk for a developmental delay.

C. Message:
E-R provides the CBP and parent/guardian with an independent, individual consultation, and an initial observation of the child in the most natural/comfortable setting. Next provide multidisciplinary evaluations and appropriate services to address area(s) of concern.

D. System:
CBP refers the child and their family to E-R -> they receive an initial observation and/or consultation, support/guidance -> a private evaluation will be scheduled to assess if there is need(s) for services -> E-R will compensate the CBP for the referral when an evaluation is completed OR will create an independent contractor agreement (ICA) with the CBP.

E. Procedure:
If the CBP selects to contracts with E-R an ICA will be outline responsibilities of both parties.
1. For every evaluation completed via E-R the CBP will be compensated.
2. For every child who is approved for services and E-R is the provider the CBP will be compensated.

F. Strategy:
1. When *YOU are concerned about any child contact E-R.
2. PLEASE complete a referral form that details your concern(s).
3. *YOU will need to arrange appointment for initial consultation. The administrator / director / owner, classroom teacher, parent/guardian, child and E-R support team are all in attendance.

G. Follow up:
IF child is approved for services and ISFP, IEP will be developed and services will begin in a timely manner.
IF the child is NOT approved *YOU have the option to pay E-R for services privately.
IF *YOU decide to refuse or postpone services at this time the following options are:
1. After a maximum of 3 – 6 months E-R will re-evaluate the child who was not approved for services, if the concern continues.
2. E-R will communicate with *YOU quarterly, weekly or monthly if needed, to ensure a positive, working, successful relationship when E-R is the ongoing provider.

*YOU = CBP and/or Parent/Guardian


Membership Benefits