Do you believe our school districts should offer parenting groups/workshops?

Parents today are faced with more behavioral challenges due to social media and unfortunate cyber bullying.

WELL…What if there were parent run groups at the schools as well as workshops run by professionals in the field offered by our school districts to help us address the ever changing issues we as parents are faced with on a daily basis?

What if these groups were available to us once or twice a month to provide us with the necessary tools to cope with our children and teach them how to adapt to changes they face in school both academically and socially/emotionally?

I know I am not alone when I say our children feel “entitled” to EVERY thing they want and most cannot and will not accept NO.  This creates a generation not only of ME ME ME but a generation of children that cannot wait, be patient or tolerate differences …especially when things do NOT go exactly as they wanted or planned…leading to melt downs.  Our children are consistently engaging in  inappropriate behavior, negative and “out of control” reactions to even the most insignificant occurrence.

Well Education-Relief, Inc.  (E-R) would like to know your thoughts…

ER would like to devise a plan and curriculum to educate parents and children after school and even on the weekends if necessary to really bring our communities together to support one another.

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