Recommended Specialty Books

The Difficult Child by Dr. Turecki Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice How to Compromise with Your School District Without Compromising Your Child: A Field Guide for Getting Effective Services for Children with Disabilities by Gary Mayerson Wrightslaw: Special Education Law Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy   Recommended Reading:   "Ripples of Hope," Building… Continue reading>

A Smile Spreads Happiness…

Currently, we are searching for volunteers, in the educational and healthcare fields, to give suggestions and help establish our educational and social / emotional / behavioral curriculum.  Your time and effort including anything and everything you provide us with is greatly appreciated and considered of utmost importance to our developmental process. We are experienced, dedicated educators… Continue reading>

Past Thoughts that Apply Today

In general, learning is an ongoing process for children and adults alike.  Obtaining specialized, individual services provided in the least restrictive environment (LRE) is ideal.  When individuals are reinforced, supported and/or praised for appropriate behavior, the negative or unwanted behavior decreases, and is replaced / extinguished.  Therefore, increasing the likelihood a more desirable behavior or skill will emerge.  Education-Relief, Inc. Original PHILOSOPHY and… Continue reading>

2014 NYS CEC Proposal: Responsibility of Daycare Centers to Identify Atypical Behaviors /Development and Effectively Communicate with Parents

Abstract Currently, most daycare facilities are not qualified to identify atypical behaviors / development. Daycare centers struggle with what to do and how to inform parents. Parents may be in denial, unable to accept the issue(s), unaware of the severity, fear the stigma. Regrettably, the child loses precious time and the problem(s) remain unacknowledged. Participant… Continue reading>

Do you believe our school districts should offer parenting groups/workshops?

Parents today are faced with more behavioral challenges due to social media and unfortunate cyber bullying. WELL...What if there were parent run groups at the schools as well as workshops run by professionals in the field offered by our school districts to help us address the ever changing issues we as parents are faced with… Continue reading>


This wonderful recommendation was taken directly from LinkedIn which I recently viewed for the first time.  It was amazing to see the effect that I had on a tremendously successful business owner at the SPECIAL NEEDS EXPO last April 2015.   . Continue reading>


Elaine B. Feigenbaum from E-R: After much success in the Malverne School District as an independent contractor/educational consultant for the past 11 years. Education-Relief, Inc. (E-R) is available to provide the same level of dedication and support for a growing population of children 5-21, who are unfortunately too medically fragile to attend day school. ER… Continue reading>


1. Education-Relief, Inc. (E-R) has officially reinvented itself! 2. Welcome to the new and improved E-R! 3. E-R is now available to contract directly with local school districts in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island for children 3-21 years of age. 4. E-R is now available to contract directly with day care centers, nursery and preschools on Long… Continue reading>

Calling ALL Parents

IF you ever wondered: Am I really truly alone?  No you are not.  When/If  you feel like no one understands your concerns as a parent or agrees with your perception of your child.  Parents need a safe, comfortable place to vent.  You need support of other parents who are going through similar situations with their child… Continue reading>