Elaine B. Feigenbaum from E-R: After much success in the Malverne School District as an independent contractor/educational consultant for the past 11 years. Education-Relief, Inc. (E-R) is available to provide the same level of dedication and support for a growing population of children 5-21, who are unfortunately too medically fragile to attend day school. ER… Continue reading>


1. Education-Relief, Inc. (E-R) has officially reinvented itself! 2. Welcome to the new and improved E-R! 3. E-R is now available to contract directly with local school districts in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island for children 3-21 years of age. 4. E-R is now available to contract directly with day care centers, nursery and preschools on Long… Continue reading>

Calling ALL Parents

IF you ever wondered: Am I really truly alone?  No you are not.  When/If  you feel like no one understands your concerns as a parent or agrees with your perception of your child.  Parents need a safe, comfortable place to vent.  You need support of other parents who are going through similar situations with their child… Continue reading>

Next Education-Relief Meeting

Our Next E-R Meeting Thursday, February 5, 2015 10:00 am Celebrity Diner 312 Jericho Turnpike Syosset, NY 11791 $20.00 per person FYI: I have been connecting with day care centers, via social media, across the country and in a few other countries to survey: 1. What are the needs and concerns of children in their… Continue reading>

We Need YOUR Feedback

If YOU have any ideas for BLOGs, WEBINARs and/or SKYPE we would love to hear from YOU. Tell us what YOU are looking for and what YOU need to be successful. What kind of information would be helpful to YOU as a parent, child care provider and/or related service provider. Do YOU have questions, concerns… Continue reading>

Random Thoughts…

Did you know: IF you are struggling your child, no matter what age they are, senses and wonders. They may even ask you lots of questions that you will not and do not have answers to. This can be very frightening for you and them. Did you know: IF your child is struggling, you are… Continue reading>