A Smile Spreads Happiness…

Currently, we are searching for volunteers, in the educational and healthcare fields, to give suggestions and help establish our educational and social / emotional / behavioral curriculum. 

Your time and effort including anything and everything you provide us with is greatly appreciated and considered of utmost importance to our developmental process.

We are experienced, dedicated educators with the knowledge and potential to strive to create a supportive and challenging atmosphere.  One can never know everything.  Therefore, learning is an ongoing process for ALL.  We all have something to learn and teach others.  That IS why the process of updating our resources is crucial to our awareness.   Hopefully the warm, structured environment encourages participation and inclusion of all individuals, providing awareness of the short and long term effects on those excluded.

Please keep us posted regarding all your success stories including strategies you implemented and incorporated to accomplish your goals. 

Thank you in advance for all your support.

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